1. MachinerySound

    Mixing OTB with Toft-16 and Digidesign 003

    Hi Everyone! I saw a strange thing in someone's studio and since i bought similar gear i would appreciate your help. Does it make sense to connect the subgroup outs of the toft console to the compressor(DARKING FET),the compressor's outs to a digital interface(DIGI 003 controller) inputs and...
  2. ChrisH

    New Toft Console Setup vs New ITB Setup Help me decide

    Hi everyone, First off, I'm a novice recording engineer, and I strive to one day become a "Pro". I've been engineering for 12 years now, making the best out of my budget gear and I believe Its time for me to start working with a professional grade setup to further assist creating the sounds I...
  3. Shanesaw

    Please help with purchase advice on used Toft ATB 24...

    Hi, I am about to buy this but dont know as well as others here how much this is worth, considering there are multiple versions and its modified. Please let me know potential issues with what i am about to paste per owners description and $ its worth. Thank you! "it's been completely...
  4. F

    Toft ATB24 thoughts

    Hello, I am looking to go back a bit into the analog realm and was looking at the new Toft ATB24 as my new console. Any thoughts on this board? Just looking for a bit more info of quality and such if anyone has any experience with it. I do have an old Op Amps 24ch board that probably needs...
  5. T

    Toft ATB32 mixer vs Soundcraft Ghost LE32 mixer

    Toft ATB32 mixer vs Soundcraft Ghost LE32 mixer Has anyone made this comparison?? or know anything about this??? I don't know which one to get thanx
  6. T

    TOFT ATB32

    Have anyone tried the TOFT ATB series consoles??? any word on that??
  7. TMW

    Toft ATB 16 v' SSL X-Rack and info on Vintageaudio units

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering what ye think of the Toft Audio Designs ATB 16 V the ssl x-rack. I had the x-rack as a demo unit and it sounded great but getting the Toft ATB 16 on demo will be a lot harder as no one does them in Ireland! Could you give me any indications as to which may be a...
  8. S

    Midas Venice, Toft ATB, or Trident 8T

    I'm wanting to get a small analog console for my studio. I've used a Ramsa DA7 for around 8 years, it died, and I want to move on. I can get a Midas Venice 320 for less than $3700 shipped. The other consoles I'm thinking about (Trident and Toft) are in range budge-wise as well. I am just...
  9. elcubo

    D command or ATB toft...

    Im up to buy a mixer, but im not clear at all about whats gonna be the real benefits from a analog device like the ATB toft over the D command in my final sound...what do you think? i really need an expensive control surface or its better to have a mixer like the toft? by the way, what do you...
  10. Z

    Toft ATB or Trident Console

    Has anyone had any experience with either of these two consoles. I'm looking for an analog console to work with a Mix Plus system and/or DP. Are either of these out now? Would appreciate any and all info, especially those who have A-B'd them.
  11. baadc0de

    Toft ATC-2 or TLA Ivory 5060 or TLA C-1

    I need a two channel preamp that doubles as an outboard compressor to finish off mixes. After a lengthy conversation at my local audio shop, these were selected. They are quite "apples to oranges", but still. I don't have any serious tube gear yet, so I'm inclined towards the C-1, but...
  12. H

    Toft Audio EC-1 or GT The Brick

    Yes......... a new preamp.... I have been thinking too long about this, mainly due to the vast and excellent choice out there, along with all the reviews available. I have only used a tfpro p3 channel strip, apart from my built in Edirol DA2496 soundcard preamps, so I am limited somewhat in...
  13. T

    Toft ATC-2 or Focusrite ISA 428?

    hi, i'm looking at a little front end for my DAW system to run a mic or two in and also give a little added juice to the weak outputs of my nord modular and modular G2... i'm looking at either the focusrite 428 or the Toft ATC2... i'm leaning towards the focusrite.. with its 4 channels and...
  14. A

    Toft Audio Designs ATC-2 questions

    I´ve been looking the Toft Audio Designs ATC-2 for a while, reading, researching...but the only info i found was the Fletcher´s rewiew on Mercenary...i´m interested onto hear a comentary or rewiew (Kurt???) of this device...looks like its a good deal...what about the EQ? compresor? better than...