1. kmetal

    Steinberg releases interface with Rupert Neve Transformers

    Not sure if this is old news or not, but it was new to me today and I figured I’d share. Very cool concept.
  2. W

    NTP Jørgen Schou transformers. anything modern sonically close?

    hey all! building a through box currently to compliment my Marinar and triad transformer thru box i have been looking for modern replacement for the ntp joergen Schou transformers fairly unsuccessfully. i see them pop up from time to time on eBay but are always bought up very quickly. any...
  3. mallardduckman

    Manley ELOP transformers?

    Hello all! I'm trying to sell my Manley ELOP compressor and I keep getting this question from potential buyers - "Transformers?" That's it, that's all they ask, just, "transformers?". I have no idea what they mean by this. I assume it's "does your Manley ELOP have transformers", or...
  4. audiokid

    (term) Toroidal Transformers

    Toroidal Transformers - A transformer in the shape of doughnut. Although costlier to produce and tends to be larger and heavier than other forms of transformers, the shape reduces magnetic fields entering or leaving the transformer, and thus makes it desirable for high-end audio applications.
  5. A

    AVALON M5 w/Jensen Transformers

    Anyone ever compare the stock M5 with the one outfitted with Jensen Transformers? I used to have one of the latter, but it got completely destroyed. I recently got a standard one (without the Jensen transformers) and I can't help but feeling the like the jensen model sounded a bit brighter and...
  6. R

    Use 8-Ch Power Amp as a Headphone Amp (Transformers?)

    What's up? I just picked up a Lectrosonics PA-8 8-Ch Power Amp for peanuts on eBay. It is a 6w x8 @ 8Ohm, or 10w x8 @ 4Ohms power amp of very high quality. (Retail over $1300) I want to use this as an ultra high-headroom Headphone Amp (4 stereo...
  7. P

    Sebatron. Mediocre input transformers?

    I've been reading up a bit on the Sebatron VMP-4000e quite a bit lately (I'm considering buying one) and I've come across some reviews that say the input transformers on these units are not as good as they should be. Is this true and if so how much would it cost to upgrade the transformers?
  8. T

    Signal path - tubes and transformers - where?

    I have a lovely Pendulum to cover my tube pre needs. I don't have a tube mic, however. The cheap ones I've auditioned have a bit of gauze over the picture, but I assume good ones can sound spectacular and clear. Here's question 1. All things being equal which I know they are not, will a nice...
  9. D

    Audio Transformers

    I couldn't find a forum that really matched my question, so if this is in the wrong forum, please forgive. I would like to record a speaker that has a 25v audio transformer attached to it local to the speaker. (removing the x-former is not possible, for they are paging speakers driven by a...
  10. R

    Noisy Jensen Transformers in MP-20?

    Hey everyone, This is a post for all the techies out there: I bought a Presonus MP-20 and replaced the transformers with Jensens (the ones that originally came with the unit but that Presonus took out in later models), but now it's pretty noisy. It's fine until the knob hits about 9...
  11. J

    malmac transformers?

    Anybody ever hear of Malmac X10 AJ line transformers? They're 600 ohms:600 ohms and came out of an old ampex duplicating chain recorder electronics, I think. Are they any good? Thanks, Seth PS. This is all CJ's fault. I would have chucked them before.
  12. R

    Input Transformers

    :) Hi Sebatron! I edited the boring history of why I am asking this question, sorry. Is it desirable to have an input transformer that provides a maximum output, or is there a balance judgment between response, gain, and other things? --Rick
  13. D

    Isolation transformers

    Isolation transformers, has anyone tried using these things? Did it help? What type? THANX
  14. A

    John Hardy Mic Pres: Output transformers or not?

    I recently hooked up with a nice fella in this forum and bought a 4 ch. John Hardy M-1 from him. I've since learned that these pres can have an output transformer added as an option. First of all, any thoughts in general about what I should expect once I've gotten them. Second, what's the...