1. A

    Changing Tubes - Art Tubeopto 8

    Hi! Ive read a few threads about changing the tubes on the Art Tubeopto 8. I got my hands on some vintage telefunken ecc83 smooth plates and I can’t wait to hear how these sound! Several of the threads I’ve found note that you need to remove the tube snubbers before you pull out the tubes and...
  2. DonnyThompson

    Lauten Audio LA320 Tube Condenser

    I've recently been hearing whispers of this in the wind from some fellow engineers - but no one I've talked with has actually had a chance to use it... has anyone here had a chance to use this mic? Priced at $499 ( new) , the LA320 is a cardioid tube condenser, featuring both HPF and LPF; it...
  3. G


    Can somebody tell me what they think of this mic? GROOVE TUBES GT 66 TUBE STUDIO CONDENCER MIC Thanks
  4. pcrecord

    Best place to buy Tube replacement kit for LA-610

    Hi there, I'm starting to check for a place I can thrust to buy tube kits for my 2 x LA-610. Affordable and good sounding (dreaming here ;)) They are both mk1 and were buildt around the same year but actually don't sound the same. I guess they have different tubes or different wear on them...
  5. Z

    Nos Preamp and Compression Tube advice

    I'm Looking for great choices of nos tubes for my pro vla and my mpa gold the cheap tubes i had sounded great until i got both units modded now all my different tubes like really really impact the sound of the recording and im coming to find out that my tube selection sucks lol ill list them...
  6. bouldersound

    Vacuum Tube of the Future?
  7. DonnyThompson

    AKG Mic /Telefunken Tube

    Here's a song I recently did where I used an AKG SolidTube mic, replacing the stock 12ax7 tube with a Telefunken ECC83-TK. I've been using a 12AT7 for a few months, and I've been wanting to try a Telefunken tube. Cover version of a Warren Zevon song; Accidentally Like A Martyr from his 1978...
  8. DonnyThompson

    Vocal Test with an AKG SolidTube

    [=""]View:[/] I recently replaced the stock 12AX7 tube in this mic to a 12AT7. The original reason I changed the tube wasn't to get a tonal difference, it was just that the old tube...
  9. DonnyThompson

    AKG SolidTube problem - solved!

    Several months ago, I had a conversation with Bos about a mic I own - the AKG Solidtube, and how it was making some noise after it heated up. The noise was similar to what you would hear if you took a tissue or a paper towel in your hand and scrunched it. Yesterday, I dug the mic out again...
  10. soapfloats

    Tubes failing in ART Tube Opto 8

    Not sure if this counts as pro gear, but it seemed the most appropriate forum. I've had this unit for some time now, as my second 8 channels in my setup. Over the last 18 months, I've had all the tubes go bad three times. I chalked the first two times to having removed it from the rack and...
  11. DonnyThompson

    AKG SolidTube

    This past week, a friend of mine returned my AKG SolidTube Condesner mic after using it for the last several years. I had forgotten how warm and smooth this mic sounds. I know it was never accepted to the level that AKG had hoped for at the time of its release, and my suspicions as to why are...
  12. M

    Tube Preamp / Preamp for Vocal and Instruments

    Hi, Any recommendation of budget (slightly quality) Tube Preamp / Preamp for Vocal and Instruments?
  13. JakeAC5253

    Did my Rat pedal blow my input tube?

    A week or so ago I was jamming with my BYOC Mouse pedal (vintage Rat clone) and at points I had the volume and gain at full into my JCM800 2203 100w head. The amp was fine then, but then I switched to my 808 OD pedal and played for a little bit and then I heard a pop sound and the amp got...
  14. N

    Who ever used ELECDOL 12ax7?

    Who ever used ELECDOL 12ax7? They declare adopt strict selection criteria, provide accurate test results, and even provide test curve. But I can't find any reviews of this brand on the Internet. This is a new brand?
  15. rmburrow

    AC701 tubes for Neumann, Schoeps, etc. mics

    Just got off the phone with Eurotubes ([=""]Eurotubes - Vacuum Tubes by JJ Electronic - ECC83, 12AX7, 6L6. 6L6GC, EL84, EL34, KT77, KT66, KT88[/]). Seems like us Neumann, Schoeps, AKG, etc. mic owners with units using the AC701 tube should express interest (and need) for...
  16. B

    Amplitube 3 vs Amplitube 2 Live

    I'm looking at IK essentials and total studio bundle 3 (musicians friend has it for $199). I have a baby so I simulate amps instead of micing. Which way should I go?
  17. S

    ART Tube MP

    Hello, I'm just getting into the very basics of recording and purchased myself an XM8500 mic. My uncle had a preamp/mixer that I was going to use, but for some reason the mic doesn't work with it. I've tried everything and decided that I would just get a new preamp instead. I'm on a very tight...
  18. kmetal

    ART MPA mk2 Tube Replacement

    from what i gathered searching this site the tesla ec (forget model #) seems to be what i'm looking for, just wondering if anyone has some general suggestions/links as to the tonal tendencies of different pre amp tubes. unfortunately the defualt OH pre-amp (manely) is finding a new home at the...
  19. audiokid

    Universal audio releases spl twintube and sonnox oxford inflator plug-ins for uad pow

    UNIVERSAL AUDIO RELEASES SPL TWINTUBE AND SONNOX OXFORD INFLATOR PLUG-INS FOR UAD POWERED PLUG-INS PLATFORM — New Plug-Ins Developed by SPL and Sonnox Add Power, Warmth, and Presence to Any Mix — SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • May 7, 2013 — Universal Audio (UA), a leading manufacturer of...
  20. audiokid

    RCA Vintage Tube Mixer - 4 X 1 Mic preamps

    Look at this gem!