Problem With Auto-Tune

    Of course I've heard the argument that instead of reaching for pitch correction with a less than desired performance, you should find a better singer who can sing in tune. For me, seeing as that pitch correction is used in almost all "pop" music nowadays. And I focus primarily on recording...
  2. DogsoverLava

    Tweaking Tuning on on a guitar or studio instrument - limits of what can be done?

    I cut a lead improv over a bass track & rhythm track I laid down and ended up being surprised with the result (enough not to delete). There's a couple areas where there's some tuning anomalies - partly due to the fact the guitar was a fully floating Floyd Rose that I hadn't locked into hardtail...
  3. T

    Microtuning in EWQLSO Platinum ?

    Is there option for microtuning in the latest vesion of EWQLSO Platinum ?. Similair to the 2004 ver. Gold .
  4. J

    Measurement mic for Piano Tuning Software?

    Much disputed! The engineers and piano tuner/designers of "TuneLab", "Verituner," "Sanderson Accutuner" etc etc--all high end piano-tuning programs tell you, basically, NOT to spend money on a measurement microphone. Why? Because piano-tuning software is based, essentially, on measuring...
  5. J

    Vocal Tuning and Drum Quantization Service

    Hello Recording.org! My name is Josh Ray and I have been writing and recording music for 6 years, and I have been working in a home studio with my brother for the past two years. My experience with recording and mixing has taught me how important tuning and timing are in any mix. A pitchy vocal...
  6. hercules

    which tuning would you use for each guitar listed...?

    i just put this in this forum section because I use a Mbox to Logic. I usually don't mic any amps just use the guitar amp simulators provided tweaked to my liking on the channel. that being said, here are a few guitars I have and a tuning list I want to use for my recordings. those recordings...
  7. A

    (tuning)(pitch correction)

    Hello, this is the first time that i make a post in this forum so sorry if i am a bit ignorant: p. I use to practice with my band in the building of a recording studio. The point is that when we went to make a recording the sound engineer, or whatever you want to call him, was correcting the...
  8. audiokid

    Tuning Drum Techniques

    What do you do for drum tuning , muffling, dampening for the best sound prior to recording? MoonGels Rings Duck tape Pillow How do you listen to drums before micing. What do you listen for?
  9. T

    Guitar Rig - change tuning?

    Hi, is it possible to change tuning of guitar in real time using native instruments guitar rig? For example, want to learn song that is down a half step. I want to plug into guitar rig and tell it half step down and off I go. So, this needs to be in real-time. It doesn't look like guitar rig...
  10. A

    Detuning a drum head - harmful?

    My older brother is a drummer - and a stereo-type drummer who has nothing to do with music at all, he just hits things. I use his set often for recording (it's a nice old gretsch jazz set). About a week ago I detuned his floor tom, so it got that beautiful thunderous sound that makes me think of...
  11. mrb1946

    Low tunings in Locking Tuners?

    I am building a new guitar and I am unsure on which type of tuning machines to get. I am interested in the Sperzel TrimLok tuners as well as the Planet Waves Auto-Trim tuners. If I were to go with one of these tuners, would I still be able to tune to drop D and drop C as well as some other tunings?
  12. song4gabriel

    sweetened tuning for guitar

    Hey Everyone I'm sure some of you have heard about this...but my tech just turned me onto it last week (better late than never) and it stopped my ever constant quest for perfect intonation in its tracks As you know I'm a recording songwriter, not a salesman for a tuner company but I just...
  13. BobRogers

    Drum tuning tips

    Grey, rainy, Saturday in Blacksburg, and so I thought I would play around with the tuning of the drum kit in the studio. I was looking at some tuning tips on line, and I thought I would open a thread and ask for suggestions. There is a lot of info on this topic scattered around the board, but...
  14. B

    Autotuning a Choir. Can it be done?

    I am looking at mixing a project and the choir is flat for most of the song. I believe the choir was tracked live infront of four mics. I have asked if we can hire pro singers for the song but I don't think this is in their budget. I didn't track the Choir but I was asked to tune them. I am...
  15. C

    tuning sampled drums

    By any chance, do you guys know any good plug-ins for pro tools I can use to tune drums...ever program I have pitches them correctly but completely ruins the origonal rhythem....any ideas?
  16. C

    Tuning Drums

    What's the best way to tune rock drums, is a specific tone pattern between toms necessary?, what tone should the tom's top and the bottom heads have?
  17. cotenyc

    help with xboard midi fine tuning!

    Hey guys, I apologize if this is in the wrong section.. I have been recording a song in Sonar, now I'm trying to lay down some midi piano, but it's a little flat to the audio I recorded earlier. I know there is a way to fine tune midi, but I'm not sure how to do this with this keyboard, any...
  18. T

    Tuning software/hardware.

    Hey, :) I am in need some tuning software! I have a recording of a guy who's a really good singer.. but the song I made him sing was a bit of a strain. So the parts themselves are in tune... and overall quite accurate.. but theres a few glitches here and there with the odd note being very...
  19. ouzo77

    Antares graphical tuning doesn't work in Audition

    hello i'd like to tune some vocal tracks with antares auto tune in adobe audition. when i use the auto-tune function i can render the effect on the track, but when i use the graphical tuning it wouldn't work. while editing in antares auto tune i can hear the pitch changes, but when i want to...
  20. S

    Tuning Toms

    Wassup everyone? I've been tuning my drumset by ear and was wondering if there is a certain note to set each tom to for a nice death metal sound. I'm thinking of starting to use a digital tuner so the notes are right on. I have four toms, should I tune them going down by like 2 steps each or...