usb mic

  1. M

    USB Condenser Mic - Input/Gain Staging

    Hi, I just grabbed an USB Condenser Mic for Podcasting. STRANGE! Input Level was so HIGH, peaked though I just turn the input level to 1/10 ! Need your help... what should I do? Is it Mic Faulty? Or... Appreciate!
  2. DonnyThompson

    AT2020 "Renowned" mic? Really?

    I normally don't go out of my way to say anything negative about retailers... If I see something that is priced too high, I figure the best line of defense is to simply not purchase anything from them... But this one? This one I couldn't help commenting on - and it's from a supplier that I...
  3. R

    Getting the best out of APOGEE Jam, USB Mic and GARAGEBAND

    Hi, I am new to the world of recording and learning about all the gear. I want to know if there is anything I can do to make my guitar sound fuller/louder and with more life running through apogee jam into garageband. It can sound a little tinny to me it just feels like it needs a boost. I know...
  4. B

    Blue Yeti USB Microphone shield possibilities

    I am looking for a mic shield (not a pop filter or wind screen) that will attach to the Blue Yeti microphone/stock stand. Any ideas? Here is the mic/stand: Maybe something like this?:
  5. Jacob

    Blue Yeti to Asus Xonar STX

    I'm using the Blue Yeti and I noticed a lot of hissing sound from the mic. I could use programs to filter it out, but I think it's better to solve the problem from the root. I have a good feeling the hissing sound is coming from feedback from the computer, it's plugged into the "crappy" RealTek...
  6. StrategyNTactics

    Blue Yeti USB Microphone

    So I bought this one for 80 USD on ebay because I wanted to get clearer sound on my recordings and I figured the wireless headset I was using would not cut it. Turns out whenever I tried to record with that one, you could hear a humming noise in the backgrounds but I can still hear it when I use...
  7. D

    Blue Yeti Picking Up Computer Fans

    Hello, I have a Blue Yeti Microphone with a pop filter, a boom arm stand, and it still picks up background noise. I can hear the fans roaring decently in my recordings. Please help!
  8. N

    M-Audio Avid or Blue Yeti?

    I'm needing a new microphone since my old one has broke. I've been looking at these two that are at my local stores on sale. I do already have programs to edit the audio and fix anything (although I'm learning) (program is adobe audition) M-audio mic: PRICE: $80 (usually $100, so sale is $20...
  9. B

    Blue Yeti Mic - Fuzzy audio?

    Hello, I do video game commentary on YouTube and I purchased a Blue Yeti mic sometime back. It's quality is much better than my previous mics but doesn't sound anywhere near as good as a lot of other Blue Yeti mics I've heard. Here's an example of my audio quality...
  10. T

    About to return the Blue Yeti. Need suggestions for settings (or alternate mic)

    Hi all. I am really new to the world of microphones and I'm overwhelmed after reading for a few hours. I need a microphone to simply sit on my desk and record spoken voice. I also need a zero latency headphone monitor jack on the mic. Ideally this will be a mic in the $100ish price range and...
  11. M

    USB Mic for vocals

    Hi All, I'm just looking to get started in home recording and was looking for some input on a Mic. As far as software goes, my friend has what is needed on his laptop so we've got the basics, we just now need the Microphone to get us going. I was looking for an opinion on USB Mic's - Samson...
  12. T

    Blue Yeti - Voice not clear?

    Hey guys, just posting on this forum as I've been having a bit of trouble recording with the Blue Yeti mic that I just got a week ago from amazon. I do gameplay commentaries and I wanted to step up my game by buying this mice as I only had the Turtlebeach PX21's for recording my voice...
  13. M

    MXL Tempo USB mic --- need help

    Hello, New here - so if this is in the wrong spot please forgive me. I've done a lot of recording in a corporate setting for many years but I've never run into this problem and I am having a hard time trying to figure it out. We have a couple MXL Tempo USB microphones for doing VO work. The...
  14. R

    2in/2out USB mic audio interface recommendations!

    OK guys.... So I'm looking at buying a 2in/2out USB mic audio interface with pre-amps around the 100 quid mark. Recommendations please as there's SO many to choose from! Ta! Rob
  15. S

    Help me choose a USB mic!

    I know this question comes around quite often but here's what I need: My friends and I are recording some Hymns. As "unconventional" as it is - We are all doing it from our own houses (different states). I know the quality will not be GREAT but for our lives, it's what we can do. I need to...
  16. M

    Problems With Samson G Track USB Microphone

    Hello there. I initially saw reviews and video samples online of the Samson G Track and it seemed to work ideally for what I needed. But I got it today and I have to say I am a bit disheartened. The sound is extremely distorted with a lot of white noise. I tried fiddling around with it a bit...
  17. D

    ATR2500 vs blue yeti for a beginner mic

    Hi guys. I'm new here and i'm looking for a good beginner mic. I am a music producer, sort of. I have a bunch of wannabe rappers at my school who want me to record them rapping and make a beat for them. I said why not, makes me money. I am also a singer, but I will also be recording electric and...
  18. R

    Blue Yeti - Problems with quality; vibrating "metallic" sound.

    Hello everyone! First of all, let me tell you that I'm a total beginner when it comes to audio and audio editing and I have to admit that all the terms and abbreviations on this forum are pretty intimidating (I have been playing around a bit with Equalizers and Compressors though, and slowly...
  19. M

    Best USB Microphone for under £150?

    Heya guys, I'm just doing a bit of a follow up research on this post on [=""]best usb microphones[/] and I was wondering what people would say is the best USB mic for under £150? What would you...
  20. S

    Zoom H4N + Shure Sm58 or Blue Yeti Pro?

    Hey guys. How are you ? :) I sing in my free time and recently I started to record my singing via audacity over a beat. I like it. But I was not satisfied with the inbuilt Zoom H4N mics, meaning that they were to directional. I had to keep my head stiff so that the sound goes directly into...