vari mu

  1. audiokid

    Knif Vari-Mu II

    Has anyone here tried or checked out the Knif Vari Mu II? [=""]Knif Vari-Mu[/]
  2. E

    Manley Vari Mu

    Ive been using the Manley Vari Mu for a short time now,and am amazed of the tonal quality. It was well worth the money spent. Im almost there Kurt! Thanks for the help John. Im sure Ill have a dozen or so more questions on the unit at a later date------gotta do my homework first,before I ask...
  3. T

    Vari-Mu and Massive Passive AD/DA conversion ???

    I have a varimu and Massive Passive a Rosetta 800 and Big Ben and Masterlink. What now? does anyone have any sugestions about rooms, monitors, and mastering processes using the gear that I have mentioned above. More history: The main studio is all analog into Alsesis HD24XR using TAC...
  4. R

    Vari-Mu Comp

    Anyone ever use a vari-mu type of comp for cutting vox? Ray
  5. C

    Tubetech LCA2B vs. Manley Vari mu

    Hi everyone, Is there anyone who knows if the Tubetech is as versatile as the Vari mu? Is the blue one capable of smashing pretty hard the stereo bus if that is needed? Any input is very welcome. Thanks