vocal microphones

  1. audiokid

    Mojave mics - Richard Chycki on the Mojave MA-1000 and recording Dreamtheater

    Richard Chycki on the Mojave MA-1000 and recording Dreamtheater Engineer Richard Chycki on the MA-301fet and recording Dreamtheater Dream Theater - Pull Me Under [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
  2. audiokid

    Mesanovic 2 on vocals

    Mesanovic 2 I love the sound of this mic. I first heard it on an acoustic guitar and had to look for more examples and found this. Wow, beautiful sounding on vocals too. http://vintageking.com/mesanovic-microphones-model-2
  3. JazzHat

    New Mic / Pre, Vocal Questions

    I record singer-songwriter stuff (soft rock that strays into easy listening) using an AT4040 (vocal) into a Clarett pre/interface & Logic Pro X. I'm in a treated room that sounds pretty good ( I did measurements in the dihedral/trihedral corners when building bass traps & also eliminated comb...
  4. A

    AKG C414 XLS Vs Shure KSM44a Apollo preamp

    I am looking for a reliable workhorse microphone that will be used for 90% vocals. There will be both male and female vocalists focusing on pop and EDM. I will be running the mic through an apollo rack 8 and the room is nicely treated by gik acoustics. The problem is, I haven't been able to...
  5. DonnyThompson

    Neve vs Vintech

    I ran into an old engineer friend last night at a gig, he had just returned from doing some tracking work at a studio in Florida, and of course, the talk eventually got around to gear... in particular, to preamps. He mentioned that on the latest project he was working on, that he had used...
  6. ChrisH

    Best Large condenser for Under $1200

    I've yet to purchase a high end large condenser for vocals for my studio. I already have a SM7, so I've got that area covered, now.. what do I get for the a "go to" for vocal, room mic for drums, and other things. Heres the list I've compiled. (Tube or Solid State isn't big deal to me)...
  7. M

    Making final decision for vocal mic.. need input/opinions

    Ive done a lot of research and asked many questions, and I've narrowed the choices down a lot and would appreciate as much input as i can get. For mics I've seen a LOT of people mention the Shure SM58 and SM-7b. My other choice, that I've also seen a lot of positive response for, is the Audio...
  8. A

    Audio-Technica M4000S?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Audio-Technica M4000S microphone? They have two for $50 on MF. I'm trying to find a pair of good microphones for vocals for live shows, to offer bands for whom I hope to run sound. One of the bands that I have in mind specifically (some friends) has...
  9. A

    Neumann TLM103 or Rode K2?

    This might sound like a silly question (as i know Neumann mics are legendary microphones), but I am looking to buy a new mic for my studio. I have tried the Rode K2 and I really liked the sound of it on vocals, it sounded a much warmer than my SE electronics mic. But I don't know weather i...
  10. C

    Recording vocals, NT2A or AT4040, which is better?

    Hi all, Just interested as to what people thought was the better mic between the Rode NT2A and the AudioTech. AT4040 - for recording vocals (and accoustic instruments)???? I have looked at some prices, and in Australia the 4040 seems to be more expensive then the NT2A, but in the US the...
  11. J

    Best vocal mic for jazz

    I just started a jazz music program at university and, as a singer, I'm required to buy a vocal mic. I don't have much experience with them and I want to make sure that I make a good choice. Does anyone have a suggestion? (I'm not sure yet how much I am willing to spend but I'm a student so...
  12. J

    SM7 vs Md421

    I'd like to get a large diameter dynamic to compliment my existing collection (small though it is),it looks as though the sm7 would be a good vocal mic for me,I have a voice that has been said to sound almost exactly like David Byrn,I'd say bits of Springsteen and Elvis Costello as well.The...
  13. G

    Is the neumann m149 the best vocal studio microphone ?

    Is the Neumann m149 the best vocal studio microphone, in the world ? what is or opinion ? thanks
  14. C

    Beyer M-88 Classic

    any ever use the Beyer M-88 classic, what is it best suited for?
  15. M

    vocal microphones that make you drool

    I'm looking at purchasing a mic solely for vocals. I've had some experience with U89s, U87s, TLM140, Geffals etc. recording in other studios (with great results), but as I am buying this for my own studio I want to make sure I purchase something amazing (as I'll probably only start with 1 mic)...