vocal processing

  1. M

    Can A Group Of Bad Singers Sound Good Together?

    Hi, I am trying to have a hook to a song sound crowd-like, but it is out of my vocal range, and Im guessing it will also be out of the vocal range of friends who I'll recruit to record it with me. It is like a screaming/chant, with a pretty high note at the end. I'm wondering, if I combine all...
  2. M

    Vocal Processing (High Frequency)

    Hi, How to make a vocal's Hi-Mid to High frequency smooth and sweet during the process ?
  3. M

    Smooth & Nice Hi-Mid to Hi Vocals

    Hi, How to record a vocal with pretty smooth and nice High Mid to High?
  4. Brother Junk

    Recorded Guitar and Vocal

    So, before I post this, I just want to let everyone know that I have some sort of undiagnosed neuro-muscular disorder, and it makes my hands shake (a lot). My progress (or regress, depending) is being recorded at Boston Medical's Neuro Center. I go in yearly and take a bunch of tests bc it may...
  5. Prahas David Nafissian

    Virtual Inst - Vocal - Form words?

    Hi, Anyone know of a virtual instrument plug in which creates choir sounds (SATB) (or I'd settle for solo voices) which allows the user to specify vowel sounds and starting/ending consonants -- in other words, allows the user to create sung words? Thanks!
  6. K

    Any tips for achieving superior-Clarity?

    Hello beautiful people, how is everybody doing (: While my heart mainly goes out to 70's & 80's music, I must say I am fascinated by the clarity that a lot of these modern tracks present in audio quality. I watched several interviews of Phil Tan, and he mentioned that as a rule of thumb he goes...
  7. audiokid

    Vocal Mic Shoot-out (Neumann,Blue,Rode,Audio-Technica,ADK,Shure)

  8. B

    Favorite lead vocal trick..

    Once I get a good vocal take, I'll double it (copy, paste into new track), both tracks panned center. I'll move the quieter track just a touch behind the master in the timeline, and move it depending on how much spread or delay I want. Usually pretty tight before the air kicks in. Great natural...
  9. N

    Best Portable Mono Mic for Vocals?

    Hello guys and girls. This year I am travelling around and I want to record vocals from time to time. Thats why I need a portable handy microphone that I can carry around and of course is able to record Mono (I have a Rode at home but its too much luggage, as I would need a Recording device...
  10. DogsoverLava

    How to match dissimilar vocal punch-in with original vocal?

    On one of the Stairway mixes this particular vocalist had to re-do a section of the vocal and what I was provided from her sounds environmentally and tonally very different from the original vocal. The good news is that this is in the heavily effects laden final vocal part so I can mask some of...
  11. Gary Belin

    Need vocal mic advice for tenor (progressive rock)

    Hello all. I'm new here and would appreciate any professional advice. I'm a Tenor vocalist most recently with the progressive rock group, Stride. I've got an individual who has decided to fund some equipment for a new album I'm working on, and considering I'm going to need a couple of good...
  12. pcrecord

    T47 vs KSM44 vs T12 vs SM57 on vocals

    This is my last comparaison of those mics.. I hope it can help those interested in DIY mics
  13. Jeremy Dean

    Making vocals sit naturally in a mix

    Hi all! I have a question on mixing vocals. A lot of mixes I've done in the past have almost always used some kind of samples(especially for percussion) in them. I have cheap mics and don't have a great preamp yet. I shall soon be upgrading some of these things, but this is how my...
  14. Isaac Adni

    Cheap(ish) vocal microphone

    I'm selling my Rode NT-USB, and I'd like to replace it with a proper XLR mic to go with my new audio interface. I was thinking along the lines of the Rode NT1 or the Rode NT2-a (probably out of those two I'd go for the Rode NT1). However, would it be better to get some other mic for that price...
  15. G

    Recording Opera Vocals

    Hello Guys! I really need your help! I sing opera and i am a lyric Baritone. I' ll be recording lots of things as a Baritone and i really don't know how to do it but i know it's a little complicated.I have recorded rock,metal,pop stuff before but i know that this is a lot different. All i got...
  16. Sean G

    Thickening Vocals

    Here is a video how-to on thickening vocals. This process will give you a fuller, wider vocal sound. Its showing the process using the Studio One DAW, but the same technique can be applied to any DAW. YMMV.
  17. Spencer Baird

    Vocal / Acoustic Guitar Mic Advice

    So I am thinking about investing in a new mic or mics but have quite a few questions. So I am looking to pick up a new microphone for the use of recording male & female vocals. (Primarily male and mostly acoustic style tracks but also some EDM vocal tracking.) I am also looking to pick up a...
  18. Q

    Mixing a kid's vocal into karaoke tracks

    Hello All: I have a little project that has me stumped. I am sure lots of folks on the forum do this all the time, but I have never tried it. My 8 year-old son wanted to record his voice doing the "Scar" vocal in the Lion King song "Be Prepared". I found a karaoke version of the music on...
  19. J

    One Mic (under $200) for female vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I'm looking to purchase a single mic to record female (alto) vocals, and acoustic and clean electric guitar. My guitar amp is a Princeton Reverb. I know that I should probably get two separate mics but I don't have the space or budget for that as I live...
  20. ChrisH

    Temporary Isolation Booth for Vocals

    Hey all, I live in a house (separate from my studio) that I rent out with 4 other guys. This is an old house with paper thin walls where everyone can hear everything going on throughout the house. So needless to say there's no privacy for experimenting with recording vocals for demos so I need...