1. pcrecord

    Plain truth about recording vocals and acoustic instruments

    I'm in a few Facebook groups and what to buy to start is the most asked question, so I decide to make this video. In this video I explain where it count the most to invest. If you don't get the basics right there ain't nothing you can buy that will make you sound good.
  2. Brxdsky

    mix critique First Post: New Audio Engineer

    This is my first post on the forums. Please excuse any mistakes I make. I am 19 a second year college student, pursuing my bachelors degree in Audio Engineering and a Live Sound Certification. As of May 2020, I began doing freelance mixing, with rates going for $10 per song. I figured since I'm...
  3. H

    Help isolating recorded noises and whispers when asleep

    Long story short, I keep hearing $*^t in my house, it sounds like people talking and I hear running around etc. We have cameras in our house, but they keep magically looking very grainy, I used voice amplifier but magically again...when I suspect anything..it sounds like my ear is blown off when...
  4. Simonnn

    Figuring out the best use of my limited space to record vocals!!

    Hey yall! Very new to all recording but I wanted to make a little area in my room for recording vocals, but I'm not sure what my best options are! I made a little video to show what I'm working with specifically, but I've been doing research and some people say use your closet but others say...
  5. ProtesttheCambria

    Using a power amp/mixer as just a power amp for a mixing console?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I couldn't find a better one. I was hoping someone could clarify some questions I have about setting up a PA system for my home studio. I recently acquired a Peavey XM6 amplifier/mixer and we've been running it through an 80 watt behringer...
  6. M

    Help with Strange clipping vocal phenomenon?

    Hello :-) so I'm recording the vocals for my song and I noticed some clipping on loud parts. The strange thing here is that when I solo the vocal track the clipping is gone, completely nonexistent. And it doesn't look red on the waveform. But when the piano is unmute it, the clipping is audibly...
  7. George Shrouder

    TC-Helicon Voicelive Rack REFUSES to save key

    Ok so i've had the same issue with 2 separate units now. When making a patch, I set the key of the song in "hardtune" and no matter how many times I store the preset, as soon as I scroll to another preset and go back to the one I had just saved, the key as been reset to C. So obviously this unit...
  8. R

    Monitoring Vocals with pre mastered track, low level monitoring?

    Hello, im new here but not to producing music. I mainly produce electronic music, but my brother is a singer that wishes to get into recording his own vocal performances over Karaoke tracks. In order to do this he has pruchased some gear Rode NT1, stand, pop shield, Rokit RP5, Reason Ballance...

    Do you hear too much tube saturation on the vox?

    Hey all! I just finished up a fun little project of covering the theme song to the tv show "Drake and Josh". I feel pretty good about the mix but I keep hearing a tiny bit of too much tube saturation/distortion on the lead vox. It's funny because it only catches my ear sometimes, and after...
  10. M

    Choir or Group

    Hi, How do you record a group or choir with just 4 headphones available in the vocal room?
  11. M

    Smooth & Nice Hi-Mid to Hi Vocals

    Hi, How to record a vocal with pretty smooth and nice High Mid to High?
  12. pietro94

    recording A cappella

    Goodmorning everyone, I wish I could record audio as much like in this video: link to youtube: Quando dal terzo cielo - Palestrina - YouTube Before buy expensive microphones, I would ask detailed advice on how it can be so well recorded this acappella group. Thank you Pietro
  13. B

    Favorite lead vocal trick..

    Once I get a good vocal take, I'll double it (copy, paste into new track), both tracks panned center. I'll move the quieter track just a touch behind the master in the timeline, and move it depending on how much spread or delay I want. Usually pretty tight before the air kicks in. Great natural...
  14. N

    Best Portable Mono Mic for Vocals?

    Hello guys and girls. This year I am travelling around and I want to record vocals from time to time. Thats why I need a portable handy microphone that I can carry around and of course is able to record Mono (I have a Rode at home but its too much luggage, as I would need a Recording device...
  15. pcrecord

    T47 vs KSM44 vs T12 vs SM57 on vocals

    This is my last comparaison of those mics.. I hope it can help those interested in DIY mics
  16. Jeremy Dean

    Making vocals sit naturally in a mix

    Hi all! I have a question on mixing vocals. A lot of mixes I've done in the past have almost always used some kind of samples(especially for percussion) in them. I have cheap mics and don't have a great preamp yet. I shall soon be upgrading some of these things, but this is how my...
  17. F

    Weird background noise in select programs that i need

    Hello i am getting into streaming and i have ran into a problem when i try to stream footage the audio has a load of background noise and i haven't been able to fix it. I have tested my microphone on REAPER and it works flawlessly. I am running a Superlux E205 high diaphragm cardoid condenser...
  18. M

    Strange Crackling Noises

    So I recently got a new computer and installed all the same equipment onto this superior computer, however I have been recording issues. I keep running into a strange cracking noise that appears randomly in my audio, its not from any outside sources and I turned off my anti-virus and has not...
  19. Isaac Adni

    Cheap(ish) vocal microphone

    I'm selling my Rode NT-USB, and I'd like to replace it with a proper XLR mic to go with my new audio interface. I was thinking along the lines of the Rode NT1 or the Rode NT2-a (probably out of those two I'd go for the Rode NT1). However, would it be better to get some other mic for that price...
  20. G

    Recording Opera Vocals

    Hello Guys! I really need your help! I sing opera and i am a lyric Baritone. I' ll be recording lots of things as a Baritone and i really don't know how to do it but i know it's a little complicated.I have recorded rock,metal,pop stuff before but i know that this is a lot different. All i got...