white noise

  1. J

    Condenser mic - white noise

    Hi all! i just joined today and heard people get great answers and a lot of help on here. im gonna start off by saying that I have been producing for 10 years but never ever owned a mic or had any interest in recording until recently. So we can easily state that I’m the definition of a “noob”...
  2. markymarkgoesmetal!

    Static/hum is ruining my inspiration to record!

    One month back, I'm recording. Life's a dream. Now despite no change (that I can think of) in my recording process, a white noise or otherwise a static crunch plagues my every new recording. When I hit record, I hear nothing but silence in my headphones. As soon as I play back what I've just...
  3. H

    Help isolating recorded noises and whispers when asleep

    Long story short, I keep hearing $*^t in my house, it sounds like people talking and I hear running around etc. We have cameras in our house, but they keep magically looking very grainy, I used voice amplifier but magically again...when I suspect anything..it sounds like my ear is blown off when...
  4. audiokid

    (term) White Noise

    A sound that contains every frequency within the range of human hearing in equal amounts. To many people white noise sounds as if it has more high frequency content, but this is because each successive octave has twice as many frequencies as the one preceding it. Pink noise is similar...