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    VST to RTAS wrapper

    Hey guys! Does anyone know of a free VST to RTAS wrapper? I recently moved from Cubase to Protools and have a lot of VST plugins. I don't mind forking out the mere $75 for FX wrapper but I believe that it isn't guaranteed to work with all VST plugins. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Eoin
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    audio ease vst to mas wrapper? anyone try it?

    i have and it works great within dp 4.52 and sampletank 2 i just seem to get some glitchy $*^t happening wth certain instrments being loaded within K2 when it's in the wrapper... anyone have similar experiences? or different ones? below is my situation and "work around"... ok... so...
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    DXI to RTA or VST Wrapper Programs?

    Hello, Can anyone suggest a good wrapper for plugs to work as RTA format within Protools? Also, how should one install these so that they work with the host program? Regards, mIchAEl
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    RTAS DX Wrapper??

    Is something like this possible to use the Audiosuite plugins within a direct x compatible host?
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    VST wrappers for MAS?

    Anyone having success with VST wrappers? If so, what plug-ins have you experienced under VST? Thanks, zone12@maui.net
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    vst wrapper

    do any of you run VST instrument through pluggo or VST wrapper? how tight is the timing/latency when doing this? also, is there a 'master list' of wrapper-compatible VST effects/instruments available? thanks.