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    crackling sound when recording

    I use the Zoom H1 plugged into my Macbook with a USB cable and Quicktime to record. Normally, it works perfectly and the quality is great. But it happened a few times already, that the recording sounds horrible.. https://voca.ro/eiK8XXt03pQ What can be the reason for this? It's really...
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    Zoom H1 weird stereo issue on speakers

    I started recording with the Zoom H1 but noticed a weird issue when I played it back on the speakers (Macbook Pro) The right speaker (channel) was way more dominant than the left. So I split the channels to test it out.. now there's a clear difference between the left and right channel, even...
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    New Rode VideMic Pro recording at lower-than-normal levels?

    I recently bought the Rode VideoMic Pro to couple with my Zoom H1 in order to obtain better and cleaner sound in my videos by recording the person's voice from up top, as close as I can get to the mouth, which is normally around 30-40 cm. However, I'm finding that at normal to...
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    Using a Zoom H1 with 2 microphones

    Hi I want to record interviews with a Zoom H1, a splitter-cable and 2 microphones (Giant Squid Gold Plated Microphone for Zoom H2 and the Giant Squid Omnidirectional Mono Microphone ). I get recordings from both mics but one of the speakers sounds OK and the other is lower volume and muffled...