$15K budget, opening new studio....comments/suggestions?



hey everyone,

I have decided to take the plunge and open a studio. I have a few pieces of decent gear that have got me along up to this point but have been looking at gear purchases to put me into a much more pro class of gear and sound results.

Here is my current setup:
*Sonar 4 PE
*Tascam FW-1884
*dbx 166xl
*Focusrite Twin Track Pro
*KRK Rockit 5's
*Behringer 4 ch headphone amp
*Audix Fusion drum mic kit
*Groove Tubes GT66 condensor
*(2) Shure SM57's
*Sennheiser e609
*AKG C3000b

Here is what I'm looking at purchasing. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for alternative gear or if there is anything I'm missing. Do you think this would be a great setup?

*JLM Audio TMP8 preamp - $2,140
*Apogee Rosetta 800 - $2,700
*Sonica Audio X2a PC (w/ Sonar 5 Producer) - $2,473
*AKG C451b matched pair - $1,200
*Audix D6 - $200
*Soundelux u195 - $1,095
*Auralex (various packages) - $2,000
*Sony MDR 7506 headphones (3) -$300
*Dynaudio BM6a's - $1,700

= $13,808

Here is my question, should I get two Focusrite ISA 428's w/ the A/D Card ($4,000) instead of the JLM TMP8/Apogee Rosetta combo?

I also feel I would need a UPS/power conditioner. Any good suggestions on these?

Should I be looking at the Event Studio Precision 8's instead of the Dynaudio's?

And what about a patch bay? Will that be necessary for me?

Anything I'm missing? I feel like this gear would give me a great start at some great sounding recordings.

thanks for your help!


go with the apogee, also check out converters by lynx, i love mine i dont belive the rosetta 8 is that much better for the 700 differnce


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Nov 6, 2005
as a former owner of a TT Pro Preamp, you are making the right choice to upgrade. Completely un-impressive piece of hardware. I see you have plans to have decent qualtity pre's, and you will always get a better *wow* factor when people walk in the door and see more than 1 kick-ass pre sitting there. Maybe think about getting a Universal Audio LA-610 in addition to the ISA because UA is a name *everyone* knows and offers a variety, Solid & Tube signal paths.

Do you have any plans to upgrade your dbx compressor to something of a higher quality than what you could achieve with plugins? Maybe a Distressor?

Power conditioner = always. Furman is well known here.

A patchbay is a tremendous timesaver, even it you dont think you'll need one, get one anyway. They are very inexpensive.

Also, consider getting a hardware synth for musicians to lay down ideas on and whatnot. Personally I hate everything the Korg Triton represents, but you may want to get one to have laying around. Better to have one and not need it than lose business to the other guys who have these things. They are a tremendously flexible machine anyway.

Lastly, and this is purely personal preference. If you buy everything used, you will save yourself anywhere from 10-50% and be able to afford more and better items.

Good luck anyhow.


i agree with Saemskin, i have a LA 610 and it kicks ass. also i agree with the triton comment, but i preferd a workstation keybaord to software. check outhe roland fatom i have the x88 and it is awesome. also think about vintech i love mine.
also i havent got one yet but the distressor is the $*^t. what i did was go to some studio sites and see what they all share in common.. hope that helps a little