adding ATA drive to G4 800 quicksilver



Hi all,
Greetings from Jamaica. I'm not a tech wizard like many on this forum, and would appreciate any sort of help to get me going.

I am running a pro level post production studio. I do my recording in various studios and edit/mix/master in my own. I've been using Paris Pro in an old G3 beige. Paris has been very good to me but, EMU/ID has neither been keeping up with the times nor my competition. (i.e., suport for improved 3rd party software plugs VSTi etc.)

I've have recently purchased a g4 800 quicksilver to run Nuendo currently configured as follows:

G4 800 quicsilver 2000 ( from factory no extras) model M8705LL/A
RME 52/96 DSP pci (to RME ADS 8 ds)

My Problem:
I need to add a hard drive to this mac, as it only has one, and I plan to run audio-only on a second drive. I have acquired a western digital WD1000, an ATA100 100gig with 8meg. cache. However, I've only now realized that my g4 only supports ata66.

How can I maximize the utility of this drive with my system?

1. Install the drive in an available mac port, which would mean loosing the extra available speed and the advantage of the cache.

2. Install the drive in a firewire enclosure that is Oxford 911 equipped, and ati 100 compliant. (will I loose 8meg cache here as well?) (Is firewire adequate for up to 36 track 24bit 48k - a typical senario for me)

3. Purchase a PCI ATA100 controller wich would take advantage of the drives speed, but tax the PCI bus. I was hoping to keep the PCI bus free to add some DSP (powercore and/or uad)

4. anthing you can recommend?

I would appreciate your guidance.
Thanks in advance,

P.S. Buying a PC is not an option for me at this time, as I cant afford the time for that learning curve.



wrong forum, I guess.

I'll decide while im on my back absorbing uv rays at Lyme Cay tomorrow. Anyone for escoveich fish and festival? mmmm :cool:

Don't like the cold too much, but I gues it allows for good reading.