Adding EQ to a crappy Recorder



Right now the money is a little tight and I am not able to afford a new digital multitracker but I want to add some eq to my fostex mr-8.

This is just a simple little digital 8 track with a 128 meg CF card. This mean I have to get the take right with little redo's. Now I see only two ways of adding eq right now. I am hoping one of you smart people will be able to come up with a third.

I can take the master L/R outs of the mr-8 and put them into a mixer, effectively eqing 4 tracks at once and then feeding it back into the recorder (putting the mixer between the 4 tracks and the bounce to 5/6 and then again to 7/8) and record on tracks 5/6. Again, eqing all 4 tracks at once.

Or I could get an eq and eq each tracks separately while recording running the signal through it before it gets to the recorder.

Both of these ideas aren't very good but it’s all I can think of. Anyone have a better one or if not, which way would be best?



i purchased a mr-8 to learn on. Your two ideas are indeed options. Although i think it may be more advantageous to record a dry signal and process it later.
unless i am reading something wrong, the Fostex website has a new program that will allow you to use the full 8 track wave files (not just the stereo file produced on 7/8). You should be able to dump them into the computer and process each track.

You can then bring them back to the MR-8 or do your thing in the pc world. is an option to look into


1G CF cards are $89

Goto, and order the Transcend 1G CF card. This is certified by Fostex for use with the MR8, and is only $89 currently. This will give you plenty of room to redo.