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Alesis mixer console advice



I'm a newbie trying to get together a home studio, record 3-4 tracks at a time just for fun...demo quality at best- been reading and lurking for about a month....

I am going DAW route, have following:
RME multiface w/PCI card
presonus firestation
NS 10 monitors
Yamaha S 80 keyboard (pro keyboard)-I'll use it for drums/bass probably
Shure 58
Shure 57
Nady cheapo
Cubase SX2

I would like a hands on mixer for mix and mastering, not just a software mixer...

Question..saw an Alesis mixer on ebay, I think it might provide me the 'hands on' I desire AND get me some additional mic inputs....I know they are "cheap pre's" but again, I'm just getting started and I would like some advice on this idea as well as Alesis mixers in general.....

Kurt Foster

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Jul 2, 2002
77 Sunset Lane.
There were a lot of quality issues with the Alesis mixer ... they had a high failure rate in the field ...

The quality is no better that that of other small mixers at this price point, so if I were you I would be looking at somthing that is a little more durable ... like a Mackie 1604 ... say what you want about them no will argue they are built like a tank ..