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Nov 25, 2012
Akron/Cleveland, OH
So, many of you know that I use an ADK AP1 mic pre, that allows me to "pop and swap" different XFO's and OpAmps to sculpt tone...

Yesterday I had a friend of mine stop by, and he offered me an XFO he had for free, because he knew if would fit the AP1 .. ( and because he's apparently decided to go all-tube on his next preamp purchase)...I asked if he had any more laying around that he wanted to give me, LOL ... but the one is all he had.

The input trannie is labeled "JT-110K-HPC" - which I immediately recognized as a Jensen, because I already have one.
Except... on the circuit board of the one he gave me, it doesn't just say "Jensen" like mine does ... it's labeled "Jensen/Cinemag", (Made in U.S.A.)

I'm really curious about what this might be, and if anyone ( @Boswell, @bouldersound @dvdhawk @Davedog @pcrecord @audiokid, or, anyone else) might have an idea of what this tranny is, and which company actually made it?

I've done quite a bit of research on XFO's in the past, and I've never come across a tranny that is labeled as these two separate manufacturers before.

FWIW, it sounds really good. I used it on bass guitar earlier today with a John Hardy JH990C ( then again the 990C sounds great on anything I've ever thrown at it, regardless of which input tranny I use), and it sounded very good.

( @JWHardy ...John, if you are surfing out there and can tell me anything about this XFO, I would greatly appreciate it.) :)

Does anyone have thoughts as to the of the source of this particular XFO?



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Feb 21, 2013
Quebec, Canada
Jensen and cinemag transformers were in competitions weren't they ?. Did one bought the other at some point ? interesting