Analog Lovers Bundle



I was just checking out the Analog Lovers Bundle of the Radar 24. That is basically the way I'd want to use it; Tracking and mixing through an analog board and outboard equipment.

However, I need to know more. Say I want to move a track (or tracks) digitally to my computer (probably MAC) and apply various DSP functions and then send it back. Do I need more to do that? I don't have the computer I would use yet (my current one is underpowered), but I envision getting something like MOTU Digital Performer and perhaps one of their digital audio interfaces. They have several. I would want the most user friendly method; the method that would retain the integrity of the sound as input to the Radar's Classic AD/DA. I don't see doing a great deal of this, but another thing I'd want to be able to do is send the audio output of softsynths from the MAC straight to RADAR 24, and hopefully have that be a piece of cake.

I should state here that I like analog. I like linear. I don't like the seemingly endless stream of "woops!" that seems to follow digital audio workstations around. Don't get me wrong. I understand digital's advantages and appreciate the way it makes so much more possible at a lower price. However, I know some pretty bright people who spend a lot of time wondering what happened... and these same people used to sail through recording sessions making great tapes. As I understand it, Radar's initial "mission" was to retain as much of the look and feel and sound of state-of-the-art analog in its system, but I've not seen that yet. The only place I know of that has units on hand has RADAR II, so I have no way of getting a hands on.

OK, I packed more in here than I intended, but I got worked up by the bundle and my mind is racing. :)

Hey YodaGetsFunky,

The ADAT cards we are close to releasing may be just the ticket for hassle free transfer to Mac. TDIF will work to, but it can be a bit flaky sometimes (TDIF has no real standard). AES is the best, but I'm not sure who makes multi-AES soundcards. So yes, you would need a digital I/O card on top of the bundle.

Where are located? We find that if people try RADAR its a great thing (for both parties)

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