another fun producer story




Here's another $*^t session story that just happened a few days ago. I'm doing a session with Mr. X, a fairly well known musician. He's doing some demo stuff
for a label who is interested in a new album. Well, the producer starts calling the studio (waaay buzzed) and telling me (engineer) how he wants the guy to do his
thing...phrasing this....intonation that.... and I tell him "look, I'm just the *knob monkey* here, if you want to produce this guy...c'mon out and do it, or pay me extra
and I'll do it for you. He gets super pissed off and I get the "do you know who I am" crap that I just ^#$%ing hate...and booya, that was it. Everybody is talking on
the phone and I'm Mr. Dick (it's nice to be Mr. Dick sometimes)....remember it's "Mr."... I figured that I'd never hear from them again. The talent showed up to pick
up the mixes and the "producer" likes hug....naaahhhh...^#$% 'em... I try to keep the amount of time running a studio takes off my life to a year every
five. BTW, Fletcher, I yanked off the panels on the ceiling and it sounds ssssssoooooooo much better, thanks. I still didn't get the Royer demo, after I do I'll be in