Any information about Samson C01U -mice?




I wonder if you have any information regarding this USB-microphone http:// . I am just a home musician and I think I don’t need any expensive mixer and other equipment to record my vocals. I record my guitars just trough the line-in-put and I think it’s fine for me. All I need is good-enough quality and mice which could win my pc-mice I’m using right now. I don’t want to use much money for the mice... so I think this might be fair good?


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Sep 4, 2004
Indianapolis, IN
From what I've read, the Samson C01 is not an awful sounding mic. It's also no prize winner.

For the price, you can't expect a gem. Considering there's no need for a preamp or converter, I would expect it to be a good option for you. It would at least be a stepping stone while you decide if you want to start investing real money in recording gear.