Any opinions on the Groove Tubes MD1B?



Either the Tube or FET version?

I understand that these are re-makes (or cheaper copies) of some earlier GT mics.

Musician's Friend is blowing these out and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these mics and could describe the sonic difference one could expect between the tube and FET (the FET being describes as "warmer" in product ads).


Bobby Loux

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Jan 14, 2003
I fell in love with the model 1b when I heard it at the 2003 NAMM show. I was able to go visit groove Tubes headquarters soon after where Aspen Pitman allowed me to demo his mics and without a doubt (for my voice) the 1b was my fav.

From a vocalists perspective, I was looking for a real vibey vintage sounding mic for my lead vocals. the tube sizzle in the upper freq. is similar to what you find in the Rode NTK, but its the mid/low end where the mic is much fuller over the Rode (a good mic as well, but a bit too scooped across the mids for my taste)..

I find the vibe of the NTK cool, but its lacking mids makes me work a bit harder to get that area of "my voice out"....(I'm a tenor with a lot of range) so my voice's power area is right where the rode is scooped. The model 1b has so much more body in that spot, I feel I have much more control while performing. I also find the model 1b has a huge upfront sound that sticks way out in the mix (which I like)...certainly just my opinion and my voice of course.

If you're going to use the mic for vocals, I would go with the tube as its tube character does lend it well for many different pre's and of course vocal character. (great as well on acoustics, room mic, and front of kick) I think the "warmer" thing described regarding the FET is more that it lacks that high end sizzle you get from the tube version thus sounding "warm". (probably works well on mic'ing cabinets, instruments, and voices that are on the grainy edgy side, more flatter less hyped in the highs)

Also, I dont believe at all its a "cheap copy" of older GT mics. the Model 1A was the first version they came out with many years ago (a favorite of Eddie Van Halen for micing his cabs back in the day) the model 1b is an updated version selling for $500ish elswhere.

I've noticed MF's as the only online store selling them so cheap as I believe they might only have a few left. I heard Groove Tubes recently decided not to continue using M-Audio as there distributer, so maybe MF's bought the remaining product from M-Audio and are selling off remaining stock real cheap. Just a guess?

Its a cool mic IMO. good luck!