Anybody Tried the ADK Tube Mics?



Has anyone tried the TT or the A-48? There doesn't seem to be much discussion of these mics anywhere.

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Nobody? Has anybody maybe heard anything second-hand about them? Do they exist?


Those are ADK. Haven't tried them but i'm planning on getting a few to try out sooner or later.

I use the Cad M-9 tube microphone and love it. I might get a second and try them as overheads in the near future. It's great on acoustic guitar and percussion.


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Dec 10, 2001
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One of the 'better' values on the mic market.Supposedly a typical chinese capsule "bargain" mic many times lumped together with the SE's,Marshall's,and the rest.This is not really a fair assessment of this mic's abilities.There ARE other nice quality bargain mics available.Some will claim to have the same build and sound quality as the ADK's.My suggestion to you is to TRY one.Not every dealer sells them.But most likely, a dealer who does, will also deal in high-end gear.Test one against the finest you can find.You'll not be sorry.They are well made and the sound is not a slightly better than average sound but one that you will find a use for in every recording you will make.It will be something that even if you have a locker full of Neumann,Soundeluxe,and others of this ilk, you will not be taking a step back when you throw up the ADK.
Now one question.Why do you particularly need a tube mic? This is, sometimes, a desire one gets from so much talk on these threads about tube mic this and tube mic that.Its not ALWAYS what you'll need.Theres exquisite sounding Fet based mics out there.ADK makes one of the better sounding ones.And its a lot less cash.The same dealer where you may find the TT will probably have a TC also.