Anyone experienced the MOTU 828mkII ?



Has anyone tried The 828mkII from MOTU? I'm wondering about the monitoring capabilities with it. I've got the original 828 and I can only monitor 2 channels at a time without latency; in other words, I have to pick a pair for 'CueMix' monitoring). If I turn software monitoring on in Logic, I believe I can monitor any and all inputs coming in, but then there's that dreaded latency. I'm wondering if The 828mkII helps with this at all...

thanks for any input!



The 828mkII has cuemix dsp built in to the box. This is the same with the 2408mk3 and the 24i/o. I havent tried it out yet but we got one in at work and I popped open the manual. With cuemix dsp on board the 828mk2, you basicly have a digital monitor mixer that has very minimal latency (like 1-2 ms). The mixer can be controled from the front panel or the included cuemix console software. With this cuemix you can monitor any combination of inputs with minimal latency and it is mixed with the sound coming out of the main outs. So the monitoring capiblities are quite advanced compared to the original 828. The only problem is you cant useplug-inson the cuemix. For that you have do do it the old fashioned way which has a lot more latency. Hope this helps.