Anyone using the Daking compressor?


Tim Lynch

Doing alternative rock stuff. I was thinking of trying a pair of distressors on the 2-bus. I already use one on kick and snr. The (compress the $*^t out of them and blend routine).Course I'd have to run a tone to make sure they are matched. That can be a PITA. Was looking for a good 2-bus compressor. Thought the Daking might be cool. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.


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Feb 12, 2001
Bloomington, IL
I messed with the Daking stuff at NAMM a couple summers ago. I thought they were neat, but you can only tell so much at a trade show. Geoffrey is a very nice guy who recognized me the next year when he was showing his sidecar, which he was telling me about the previous year.

For 2-mix, I just picked up a Drawmer 1969 Mercenary edition that I think is great. It's got a big switch that adds a 100hz filter to keep the bottom big, it's pretty cool.