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Hello. This is less of a gear outlook and more on the product/artist development side.

I have a project that I have been working on. The songs are good but the artist has the "good enough" or "we will fix it later" outlook. With my name on the project I want it to be good (to gain more clients). How do you work with a client who does not want to give it a 100% effort at a good product?

I get the "I want it to sound like this album". He does not want things to sound "overproduced" but he does not really know what it means. Granted he is new to recording but he has been playing live for quite some time.

He has a timing issue with his vocal delivery. He says that Bob Dylan does it in one take and that is what they have to work with. If Bob can do it and have it not be perfect so can I. This artist is also anti-radio (the man) but of course he would like to make it big.

How would you approach this project? I live in a rural area so I don't have a ton of projects knocking on my door. Most of his songs are good. Thanks!



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Sep 5, 2000
I assume this is a case where he is paying you for studio time, and not where you are the producer.

Not much you can do about it. Just give the guy what he wants. If you feel the end result is too embarrasing, tell him not to put your name or studio credit on it.

If you are the producer... tell him "I'm not the right guy for your project, sorry, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, buh-bye."