Auralex T-fusors, dirt cheap, 1st come 1st served...


Jun 20, 2001
These are the nice deep diffusors, 2 feet by 2 feet each.
I have 20 of them total I paid $179 per box for from Sweetwater about 3 months ago (4 t-fusors per box, 5 boxes) and it costed me over $900 total after shipping. I have no tube tac so you would have to buy that yourself or use double sided tape or tacks or whatever.
4 boxes have not been opened, 1 has since I opened it to check them out, and now I dont need them so they gotta go cheap. None have been used or mounted.
Was going to mount them all over and behind the drum area, but its not happening so they gotta go. Perfect for that or for the control room ceilings and the walls behind the mix station.
I'll let go of all 20 of them (48 sq foot coverage) for, lets say, half of what I paid, lets say $450 even, and I'll even cover shipping, or I'll go 2 boxes for $200 shipped. They are in my way, I'll ebay them in like 3 days if they arent sold.
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