Folks, I've decided to establish an Australian Embassy here on RO. I think we need one. Apart from anything else, these Canadians are out of control.

What do Australian's Know About Sound?

Oh and another thing. Bruce, over on DAWworlds
ProTools Forum thoose sad sacks over there are too miffed and jealous/astounded at our logistics and sound organisational ability to even say congratulations on the first Australian RO Members
Drinks session.How pommie is that? I thought they were the New Post Colonial English. You know, NewPCee's.

Folks, not one of them up here know how to record a didgeridoo. Not one. Did you see that post a few weeks back. "How to record a Didgeridoo" (or something like that). Search it out. See what advice that poor sucker was given. Poor sod.

I'll tell him to come to the Australian Embassy, unless he's given up and done a Jimaraquoi sampled thing.

So The Australian Embassy. Fairlight Forum.
Ambassadors to the world.

RO ROCKS? Not as good as us. How to record a didgeridoo. Hmmph!!!!!!!!! :cool: AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY ON RO


I second the motion Stedel!!!!!

I will put my hand up for the job of 'el presidante`' of the Australian Proaudio Banana Republic! here at RO......

We Aussies have so much good advice and info to impart, cos we have no good here anymore.... we make do with what we have got or what has not been shipped to LA or NY..... many of the best neves around ended up in these cities.

So let us at it and we'll make RO proud!!!!!

El Presidante` Wiggy



Yeah well check some of these comments out. Apart from the fact if you saw the mic'ing recommendations you'd go What? listen to this.

The Establishment:
"(he's supposedly one of Australia's best but after 4 hours of listening to him, he could have been farting into the mic and I wouldn't have noticed a difference"

"I agree that after about ten minutes you don't care what they're still sounds like farting in a bowl"
"I am humble to report that per the Didgeridooist (? best nomenclature I could come up with hee-hee)"

Now I won't name which forum this is on because I don't want to shame people like Jon Atack etc.

If you're interested here's the link, but I wouldn't waste your time.

(Dead Link Removed)
It's not actually called that, but it may as well be.

I've told the guy who put it up to check out the
(Dead Link Removed)

I told him there was no way that he would get a good didj sound with the "advice" given on his post, but also that I thought he'd probably done a Jimaraquoi thing by now and used a sample.

Wonder if he'll show up. Course you know what some people are going to say about us. Ah well, at least we know how to party, record good sound, and produce bands that kick the proverbial right around the planet. And we like Neve's. A lot.
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Hey wiggy. I'd really like to see how JlmAudio's compressor checks out against the Mercury stuff.
And had you heard of "The Beatles" mic pre talked about on Zep Dude's post before?