awsome vocals fxs



wassup everybody! i know this has been discussed many times but since vocals r such an important part of a mix i wanted 2 know how everyone's processing the vocals ? as 4 me, 1 of the things we do is use DMX 2 mix in -3cent n +3cent w/vox n then put 480 reverb on it, etc... which brings up this question. Is there an alternative to the DMX 4 doing this which will give equal quality results? I know a lot of top engineers swear by it but spending ~$10,000 just 4 this seems a bit overwhelming. Thanks everyone! this site rules!

Dave McNair

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Mar 6, 2001
Almost any box that has stereo pitch change will work. Sure a DMX has a certain sound, but even an SPX-900 will get pretty close. I used to do it with 2 Eventide H910's, many years ago.

Marc Edwards

Oct 4, 2000
If you're on a DAW you could also use a timestretch/pitch plug-in... Serato Pitch and Time is THE best sounding pitch I've heard. That'll free up you eventide/DMX/whatever for something else!


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Apr 22, 2001
The Eventide stuff became famous off doing +/-pitch/delay settings(wait till you try the Orville),also (2)TC2290's will give you the same thing. But one thing to tell you, is that the reason that the AMS stuff is still popular is how it changes the sound going through it. The electronics color the sound in a cool way, kinda like the PCM42. Even though there are better delays out there, the way it darkens the sound(remember we are talking 8 bits here)works great with vocals/guitars. So to answer your question, yes and no.