I am still waiting for my Behringer "Truth" near fields and I still got plenty of time to cancel my order,I have lots of mixed comments about them ...some of my friends love Behringer products and some hate it...
I still think they have a great price for active near fields and the review in the Sound-on-Sound magazine helped me decide to check them out.I`d love to have a pair of 1030A Genelecs but they are just too expensive for my bedroom studio...
Røde NT1
Behringer Ultragainer mic pre-amp
733 G4
Tascam US 428

Does anybody have some experience with those monitors??
Need some help here.


T. Alan Smith

I own a pair of Ber***ger ECM8000 omnis and they're quite nice...especially for what I paid. However, I too have heard mixed reviews regarding their monitors and would pass on them in a second. Still...that all depends on how demanding you are. From what I understand, they are a fine speaker, just not up to parr with other monitors and may suit you well for home-based demo-type recording.
punoSSound has a pair of Tannoy Reveal Actives and they're worth every penny. They're more $$$ than the Beh***ger's but they're that much more accurate as well.
The only other thing...keep in mind: these will probably stay with you for a long time, so invest well ;)


I traded in my Behringer B2031's and set-up a pair of Mackie HR824's in my home studio.

The Behringers sounded great to me. The Mackies sound just fine as well, but with the extra degree/choice of bass response. My choice to trade-in the B2031's was based on additional factors;

- I can now afford the Mackies.(I truly believe in the adage "you get what you pay for"). The Behringers allowed me to start the learning process...great first monitors.
- my B2031's had a workmanship problem with the front ports, which I fixed instead of shipping them off for god knows how long. This allowed me to get a good look inside cabinet. From that incident and from viewing the inside of the cabinet, I felt uneasy owning the B2031's. The Mackies are built with more care I believe.
- I like the on/off switch on the front of the Mackies...Behringers are in an awkward place on the rear.

As I've said, the B2031's sounded great, but it was always at the back of my mind that something else might come apart or break down at any time.

I recently traded in my Behringer 2004A mixer for a Mackie 1604VLZPro for various reasons and was immediately impressed with Mackie quality.

Hope this helps,


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Apr 20, 2002
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Monitors like any other piece of gear is about personal choice. Listen to a variety of monitors before deciding. I love my Behringer monitors. They sound great and are definately a lot of bang for the buck. After well over a year of ownership, they perform well in my project studio.
Once again, listen, listen again.