best loudspeaker choice



ok from the dependable monitors thread i have a good direction now and a little bit bigger budget for monitors. so with that said I was lookin at pmc am1 and genelec 1031.what would be the best choice and why. I dont know anyone with pmc but from what I have read they are very accurate. new suggestions are good like to have active loudspeakers.


I've had a pair of aml-1's in my studio for several months now. Best money I ever spent. Keep in mind I had to do some work on my room as well as work with the settings until they were translating consistently. Also they need to be at least .5M from your back wall, and note that they are not really 'nearfields' as they tend to sound right around 6-10 feet out. Big room is better in other words.

God I love 'em.

I am NOT a fan of the Genelecs. The upper/mids never sound right to me, in fact to me they're like grinding dull glass into my skull. Lots of folks love 'em though, which proves that it's all about what works for you.