Best noise gate?


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Mar 16, 2001
Hola chicos,

What is currently the best-regarded noise gate out there?

Seems like the basic outboard gate is kinda falling by the wayside these days, as more and more ppl go to DAW's. Anyways, I need a handful of clean, fast gates to use on drums in particular. I used to use the dbx 900 series stuff and liked it. What are my options nowadays? Drawmer? Aphex?

Opinions plz!



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Apr 22, 2001
The Drawmner DS201 is the defacto standard for a two channel gate. The Aphex 612 and 622's are also really nice and you can get them used for a few hundered. Symetrix makes a two-channel gate that's a little cheaper then a DS201 and it's just as good IMHO. I have an old Symetrix 564E quad gate that I use all the time. It's not as complex as the DS201 but it's pretty flexable and I found it for about $350. The dbx Supergates (is that the right name?) are also pretty cool.

Try to get something that has an expander and a gate rather then just a gate. Also, tunable filters are your friend.