Best Platform/Plug-Ins



I know most of you in here use Pro-Tools. But what other platforms are comparable, if any? And what DSPplug-insare the best?
Ive recently looked into Creamware, TC Powercore, and Logic products. The possibilities seem endless.
So I put it to you all, the, "big boys."
I love this site and must say I'm addicted.
Any and all feedback is appreciated.


Marcus Black

Unless you depend on using the Protools software there is no reason to buy PT.

I have UAD-1 and TC powercore and there´s a lot of dsp-power on those cards. Greatplug-instoo, and most of them are very popular as TDM-versions aswell. These two cards cover most of your needs, especially since the powercore is an open platform and the number of third-partyplug-insis growing. You can use multiple TC and/or UAD cards.

Your computers VST will probably max out before you use the maximum power on these two cards. Run them on a G5 and you´ll be laughing&dancing all the way to digidesigns funeral. Stay native, that´s the future !

I´d like to quote an engineer-friend of mine who recently bought a big ProTools HD-rig, mostly because of the client-demand-dilemma. "Getting Protools is basically standing in a corner, face against the wall, pants pulled down, bent over, just waiting for the next surprise from digidesign " :D


I love the McDSP plugs on PT. Their filterbanks, and E6 eq are great at cutting away the crap from a set of drums... It would take a ton of outboard gear to make up for their use.