Beyer ribbons


Geoff Ruby

I don't know too much about ribbon mics, but I know I can't afford a Royer or Coles right now.

So, can someone enlighten me re: the merits and differences of the Beyer line. I know that the 130 is figure 8 and the 160, 260 and 500 are hypercardioids, but that's about it.

How do these mics compare: tonally (and how do they compare with the Royer 121 for example?) - and are some more suited to certain applications than others?; in price (I have no idea what these go for, other than I understand they are less spendy than the Royers); in ruggedness (can I stick them in front of a blazing guitar cab like you can with the Royers without fear of blowing them up)?.

My assumed applications would be drum oh, electric (and possibly acoustic) gtrs, woodwinds and brass, and I'd probably try them on vocals too.

Also, my pres right now are limited to an Avalon 737 and Syteks. Do those provide enough oomph?

Geoff Ruby


Jul 2, 2001
Hello in Toronto!

FWIW, I have used the Beyer 500, and the 260, both are quite nice, fast ribbons with a good response, but are not the same as the Royer(I have an R-121). You will find the Beyer to be sweet on many applications, horns especially (alto sax, trombone), piano, and jazz kit. Sometimes they work for a vocalist that has anemic qualities, and can flatter the bandiness inherent in some voices. You can also get ribbons replaced from folks in the states, bringing the quality and usability up to standards - many have praised the Beyers after a new ribbon, and refurbishing.

The Royers are gems: I will rarely use anything else on a trombone, alto, front of kit, etc, now that I have one - the only problem is I want a few more!


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Feb 12, 2001
Bloomington, IL
I used a borrowed set of Beyer 260s for a funk group. I used them on the trumpet and trombone and they sounded very nice. I didn't have my Great River yet so I used an Art Pro MPA. It's got enough gain, though I could have used a little more when the players used mutes. I also tried one on a voice. It worked, but I wasn't wowed. I think they are nice mics and I may but my own someday.

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