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I didn't know where to put this question exactly, but anyone ever purchased anything from They seem to have the best prices of anyone of the net for pro audio. Since they don't do exclusively audio, their selection is not as big as other stores. I'm just wondering how their customer service is when things go wrong? ARe they supportive? Willing to exchange bum equipment quickly? Do they have any technical assistance or know what they're talking about? The hand full of higher end items I've compared have been $100 - $300 lower than the average going rate of most other sites. That's significant to me anyway. Any experience?



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Feb 10, 2001
I've never had reason to inquire with them regarding product knowledge. I doubt they have much. But I've bought things from them in the past (both photo and audio), and they're a solid company. They're probably the most respected online retailer for photo gear.

So, if you're looking for someone you can talk to about use of a product and that kind of thing, go with someone like Mercenary. If you just need a reputable big box retailer to give you a good price, B&H fits the bill nicely.


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Jan 28, 2004
B&H is well-known in NYC, I have been there and purchased at times. I posted elsewhere about them, I had a sales person there give me very bad advice about my Neumann U-67 microphone because I believe he was trying to get me to sell it to him for dirt-cheap. It turns out his advcie was way off base.

Basically, I told him the original tube had faded so I had replaced it with a new tube. He told me a) that without the original tube it was worth the same as a transistor U87, b) that is is impossible to get vintage tubes from Telefunken.

Both accounts were wrong (dare I say "lies"). The mic is still worth near full resale value even with a new tube, but it is a moot point anyway because I located 2 1960s replacement tubes in new condition for only $75 apiece. He offered me $1000 for what is worth ~ $3500.

I would never deal with them after that.
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Sep 12, 2002
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The video department is good, the audio department sucks. They don't really know what they are talking about etc... but if you know what you want then it's a good place to get it. I've bought lots of stuff from there and if there was a problem they took it back or exchanged it. Just don't ask them how anything works.