Bursts of invisible static from restored session


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Oct 5, 2000
man, ain't this some $*^t.....

So, I'm on a rental rig. I restore a session from 5 master back-up CD-r's, and when I play the session, there's random bursts of white noise. You cannot see them, but they occur at the same places on the same tracks. I figured it was corrupted audio, so I rebotted a gazillion times and re-restored (onto a fresh hard drive) from a safety back-up & got the same problem. Digitest looked fine. I didn't get any error messages... any ideas???
(besides never udgrading my other rig so I do have to rent)


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Sep 5, 2000
Have you tried trashing the whole session and re-restoring?

This has happened to me once before, and it turned out to be dust inside the cd drive. From that experience, I have developed a habit of checking every cd before it goes into the drive. All it takes is one speck.

I also strongly advise making 2 backups before pulling any session off the system. "If it ain't backed up twice, it ain't backed up at all."

Michael Kiaer

If you magnify the audio (along the time-axis), do you see the bursts?

If not, you need to force PT to redraw the waveforms (are they still accurate, by the way?). Someone here might have a good way to do that, otherwise, let me know. I have a way to do that but it is a bit complicated.

I just went through all of this with a corrupt session recently. After recovering the bad files (damaged resource forks), there were bursts of white noise and the waveforms no longer matched the audio exactly.


have same problem with restored audio

yeah, i am really stuck on this same type of problem.

let me descripbe my problem. i am running a firewire external bay from my laptop running xp home. this drive is for storing my audio (and backups, how ironic).

this started when i bought a new drive and had recorded to it no problem. a few months later i was using my system as usual. tried to open an explorer window to the audio drive and couldn't access it.

rebooted and restarted still nothing. checked the partitions and surface for errors. nothing. got some recovery software. recovered all the data with no problem except that the audio files are corrupt. the project files are fine.

put the drive away got another one. started using the new one and boom same problem a few weeks later.

needless to say i am not recording anything without backing up to a dvd from now on.

basically still want to recover my audio because i know its all on the drive and hoping that it is all intact and that the recovery process is flawed.

also, don't want this to continue happening.

any insight?