Cable...what should i buy?


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Apr 3, 2001
ok. i now have some dope gear, but i think good cable will make all the difference [as in i'm using a friggin' RADIO SHACK spdif cable from my APOGEE rosetta to my paris rig. ^#$%ed up, i know]

so good patch/mic/digital cable?

and where to get it...

also: any input on good power conditioning?

i want clean power so i can actualy tell distortion from fuckign dirty power.


Furman makes a line of balanced power converters that claim to reduce noise floor by several dB (maybe 10-12?). A friend has one and he swears by it (not at it).

Mogami, Monster, Canare, and Belden all make excellent cable.

Oops, almost forgot, where to buy. GC/Mars/whatever should have a S/PDIF cable of acceptable quality. Be prepared to pay out the nose for it. Maybe someone else can provide suppliers for custom cable.


I use Canare 110ohm AES, or 75ohm if you need SPdif. Its flawless as far as I can tell. I custom make them in any length with gold ends and silver solder. email me if you need something. :cool: