cakewalk input monitoring problem



I have a soundblaster audigy sound card and im using Cakewalk home studio 2002 to record guitars and stuff,well im trying to,problem is Home studio has the ability to monitor the live input,meaning i can hear an effect on my guitar while im actually recording,problem is i arm track for recording,choose an effect and as soon as i arm for recording this noise comes through the speakers when i hit the first note on the guitar the note repeats and repeats,gets louder and louder and louder with a loud screeching and i have to quickly come out of the program and shut off my speakers before something explodes!It really is that bad,can anyone suggest where to start looking,maybe a really good forum for home recording,ive tried the Cakewalk forums but they are useless,you dont get any answers,any help appreciated,thanks!


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Apr 7, 2001
Well, this is what we call "feedback" are sending a signal in which in turn goes out and back in to the same input...a continous loop basically..everytime the loop happens it doubles in volume..thus the increase in volume and then at a certain gain stage the volume starts to feedback and thus giving you that lovely sound we all love soooooo much :p
You need to make sure your output is not going back into the input...
How do you have things routed? This is the key...also latency on the Audigy I have no idea on!