can i run tdm with my digi002



ok stupid question
but is there any way?
i have a digi002 and running LE obviously
but if i stumbled allong TDM would it work?


No. Digi002, Digi001, Mbox & Toolbox all run off of the same software, Pro-Tools LE and use RTAS plugins. The LE software plugins use the computer's internal processing power to function. TDM systems use seperate additional "sound cards" for processing power. And of course that extra processing power costs money.
Now, I've been using the Digi001/Pro-Tools LE rig for awhile now and I think it gets a BAD wrap as being inferior. I've produced critical acclaimed albums, ona DIGI001 rig. Other engineers and producers are shocked when I tell them it was Pro-Tools LE NOT a TDM system. In fact, a couple of songs I produced were just picked up by a new ABC TV Show.
I think the reason it gets the rep. is because it is so affordable, ANY can buy it. Those people then think because they can buy, they can make it sound good. As I am sure ALL of you can attest to, it takes more than buying gear to be an engineer.
In fact that reminds me of something a studio owner said today about an Avalon mic pre/compressor/eq. He said, " That Avalon can sound GREAT, but, can sound like CRAP easily in the wrong hands."
I am sorry. I realize I got off subject and I apologize. I just had to vent alittle! Thanks!

-Matt Feddermann
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Nov 13, 2001
Matt is correct.

I have both TDM and LE systems. I also have LE on both Mac and PC platforms.

Sure there is a little difference operationally and features ..... and perhaps a difference with the sound of some of the plugs. Some of the same plugs sounded different from one version to the next so don't let that worry you.

There are differences in latency between TDM and LE but if you are switched on to the issues there is always a work around.

Later this year I'll be using one of my PC LE systems and recording the guts of an album. This will be done at a country location in a big beautiful Mud Brick House with great acoustics. I'll take a collection of my studio pre-amps and tricks. We hope that the relaxed environment and surrounds will keep people focused and creative.

I'm sure the sounds will be fine.


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Apr 9, 2003
Fairfield County, CT
I have the Digi 002 and am using it for audio post. I am in the process of changing over to OSX so that I can pick up the DV toolkit.

I have done a few smaller projects all the way through on the 002 and they came out great. There was one that required more power than I had (more than 32 tracks), so after putting everything together in smaller sections (Dialog & ADR, Foley & FX and Music as separate mixes) I just saved as OMFI files and, with the permission of my boss, did the final mix on the TDM HD3 here at work after hours. The music tracks were done in Digital Performer and the OMFI exchange was flawless.

So I think the answer to your question is no, you cannot run the Digi 002 on TDM, but yes, the files are compatable.


Uncle Bob