Hi this is my first post here but these forums have helped me a lot in the past by reading others questions, so thanks.

Ok, so I am buying an mbox this weekend and it only has two inputs, but I want to be able to record a drum set with 3 or 4 mics. I was wondering if I can use a mixer for the drum mic's and then plug the mixer output into one of the mbox inputs and maybe just put the snare or bass drum in one of the mbox inputs so I can fool with it in protools? I found this mixer http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=live/search/detail/base_pid/630048/ on craigslist for $50 and that seems like exactly what I need. I have an sm-57 and AKG D112 for the snare and bass but need a decent overhead mic or two for not very much money. All I have read on here is go condenser or bust on the overheads, but I am not trying to make a professional demo, just have it be good enough to send out and not sound like it was made using tin cans and string. So I guess this is two questions: Can I plug a mixer into the mbox (or do I even need the mbox, if i just get an ozone controller I would have the one input that i can run the mixer through and also have protools and a midi controller killing 3 birds with one stone) and what mic should a guy on a budget use for drum overheads (that I can use for other applications too)?



You can definitely submix in a mixer and then shoot two channels over to the M-Box. Of course, the drawback is that now you can't blend the levels of the submixed mics differently if you want to. I would personally avoid this and try to find a different way to record the drums.

M-Audio has a number of affordable audio interfaces with more than two mic inputs. Check them out.