Cheapest place for empirical labs?

planet red

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Jul 25, 2001
I'm going to be buying 2 distressors and a fatso in the next week or two. The dealer I normally buy stuff from doesnt carry empirical labs but told me he could sell me a pair of trakkers for $3400. I've never heard the trakkers, so that worries me a little (even though I've heard they're amazing). Either way, anyone know of any place selling this stuff for cheap... I heard one guy saying he got a fatso for $1950, but dont remember where. I know everyone will say Mercenary, but if I could find a place that saves me as much as my dealer normally does compared to mercenary prices I'd be pretty happy.


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Feb 10, 2001
This is only vaguely on-topic, but it brings up an interesting issue. I find it more than worthwhile to establish a good relationship with a conscientious (sp?) and caring local pro audio store/salesperson in your area.

I don't know your area, but I'm in Boston, and there are a couple of places that I usually get almost all my major purchases - although I will still make the occasional impulse buy of some sale items at Banjo Center. The advantages of establishing a personal relationship with a store and salesperson are immense. As an example, I have such a relationship with Parsons Audio/Rick Scott.

1) If anything in my studio breaks down, I can usually get a loaner of some equivalent piece until I can get it fixed.

2) If I am considering buying something, I can take three or four competing units back to my studio for a few days to do shoot-out testing.

3) If I find a lower price at some mail-order place, they will always do their best to match it.

4) Often they will loan me a specialized piece of gear that I might need for only one session, knowing that I have no real intention of buying it.

5) They have knowledgeable support staff people to help answer technical questions that may come up.

With service like that, they know I am most likely to spend the bulk of my equipment budget at their place, so it is advantageous to both of us.

While my relationship with Parsons/Rick is certainly wonderful, I'm sure it is not unique. So I would definitely recommend everyone at least make the attempt to create a local relationship similar to the one I have here. (Local is definitely convenient when you discover you need something that very day.) It's saved my ass on more than one occasion. Even if you end up spending a percentage or two more over the internet or chain store, it is so worth it! ;)


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Mar 14, 2001
Hey I reccomend Calistro too. Lots. Great personal service, fair prices.

WTF is up with those Trakkers for so cheap? I want em! Who's that dealer? What are his other prices like?


hey.....not to place an add or nuthin (sorry audiokid if I'm out of line)
but I have 2 distressors for sale.
See the bottom of the page in for sale.