Core 2 and Nuendo



Hello there
I'm new here, but would like any advice on this. basicallt, i have a PC, i'm running soundblaster, for cd playback etc, and the core 2 to record with only. I'm having serious installation problems, but i know this will/has work for others. any advice would be appreciated.


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Apr 7, 2001
the Core2 typically has been a troublesome card in trying to get it work efficiently..
I need more info as to what your system is exactly..what OS? What Procesor? What chipset is on the motherboard?
Also have you gotten the latest drivers that Lexicon offers for it? The card itself has been discontinued for a sucks!! lol...sorry, but I've come across too many issues with that damn card to say I like it!!
What inputs are you enabling and siabling on the control panel for it? The card does have limitations as to how many inputs you can enable for it. let me know the specifics and lets see what we can do for you