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Cubase sx3 input/tempo issue



So I'm having 2 problems. I'm embarassed about them but I'll ask anyway.
I'm using a Sound Blaster Platinum card and I plug my input into the "mic 2/line in" input. For some reason, I only have this trouble in cubase but for the life of me, I can't find the place to specify that this is the input I'm using! Does anyone know where I can apply this setting?

The other problem I have is that when I import certain audio clips into cubase, the tempo comes out different. This doesn't seem to be dependent on the session tempo at all. This only happens with certain formats. I also had a similar issue with exporting. If I try to export to a stereo (interleaved) .wav at 16 bits and 44000 khz(or whatever), the tempo comes out faster than when mixing in cubase. Any ideas why?

Thanks for your help!



I'm not sure about Sx3, I have C4. Look at the top of the channel strip in the mixer and see if it shows the input and output buses. In C4 you can click on the input and a list of available input buses drops down. That list reflects the VST input connections you should have set up in DEVICE SETUP. again, assuming SX3 is similar to C4.

Not sure about the importing of audio clips (I've never had occasion to do so), but regarding exporting mixes, I found that if you try to play them back after exporting (MP3 or WAV file in WMP), if your computer is still using the ASIO driver for your recording setup, it will play back faster. Go to DEVICE SETUP>VST MULTITRACK>ASIO DRIVER and try switching to the default driver for your computer. This worked for me.
Hope this helps. If not try the Cubase forums at Steinberg.net