Cue mixer (1604vlz) broke, need help quick


Apr 22, 2001
Session starting in a couple hours. But my monitor mixer 1604VLZpro has developed a nasty problem. It's as though there may be a cold solder or dirty connection somewhere across the mix L/R bus. The right channel goes away completely and left is very low in level. But a loud plosive sound though a mic will bring both channels back to full level. But before long (minutes) the levels disappear again. Other than "get a decent mixer" can anyone suggest where my problem may lie after experiencing similar problems. If I get through today's session, I may be borrowing Fletchers stick! But for now if it's a simple fix, I may have time to tear into it. Anybody seen this in a 1604 and have any idea what to look for? I've never had one opened up.



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Nov 13, 2001
Dry solder joint or a suspect connection.

Check all connections and then lift the lid and check connections in the mixer. Not many in a Mackie. Look for solder joints that are dull, they should be shiny and wet looking.

I hope there is not a crack in a PCB track. Hard to find and could be delecate to fix.

good luck.


Really, is that the sign of a cold solder joint? I thought it might be a transistor going. I've been having the same trouble on my L/R bus.