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I should maybe ask this in the Cubase forums, but I think this is a broad enough subject to ask here...

I'm a little confused about send effects, master effects, and the 8 effects that Cubase SX is allowing me to put in the track mix layout. Here's an example:

I'm using all my plugins right now within the 8 effect slots available in the track mix window of the specified track. I'm using the Waves frequency analyzer in conjunction with the parametric eq to remove unwanted peaking frequencies, but after I do so, the analyzer won't update, and I'm assuming this is because the analyzer's "getting there" before the eq is. It would be very helpful to be able to edit these frequencies and watch the realtime analyzer change accordingly.

Sorry if this turns out to be a Cubase SX-only question, but I'm guessing it isn't. =]

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Dec 4, 2002
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hi josh,

i don't have waves, but check also cubase forums, because i've read about a certain waves problem on sx and a certain fix.....but as it was not of interest for me, i can't remember well....


p.s. i've done this, and it's a free plug!

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hey alfonso,

I should've waited before I posted, because it's very simple to do what I wanted to do. Thanks for the input though; I'll check out your link.