Digital mixing boards with a PC intaerface



I am currently in the market for a digital mixing board that has a computer interface
the one that has my interest is the
Roland VM-7200. the reason I like this board
is it links to the computer through an R-bus
connection from what I've read they are basically PCI cards. does anyone Know or use this board that could give me some insight good or bad or other suggestions


I don't know about the Roland product but I am using the Event EZbus. I've been using it mostly for recording a single source and I've gotten excellent results. If you add a lightpipe card you can record 8 sources. You can record only 2 via USB.

The unit is built like a tank and I really like the two mike pre's that come with it and the
A/D converters are pretty good as well. There is a lot of routing options. If you want to record a lot of mic sources you will have to invest in additional pre's.

I have used it as a control surface on Sonar with decent results. The directions for the interface is light. I didn't find their help staff all too helpful but did push through any issues.

If you are a song writer or track a single track at a time I give it the thumbs up. It really depends on what kind of expandability you are looking for. If you are looking for a control surface get the one that works best with your software.

If high qaulity sound is the priority you are looking at the whole signal chain (Pre's, Dynamics, EQ, and A/D conversion) Alot for a single package.

Good Luck!


The Roland's have had issues. They are dropping the price and soon the mixers will be discontinued. If I may, since we are helping people here, go to the website and do a search. Also on google's pro board.

If you want to buy a board with dated technolgy that can be used to control future DAW software, look at the Mackie D8B. There are always some used on, Digibid, or E-bay.