DM2000 24db upgrade problem help!!



I have a Yamaha DM2000 with the 24db mod upgrade on the 2-bus. I am mixing out of the board AES EBU into a Hedd-192. I am mixing 24bit 44.1k. The mixes don't have the same bigness as some of the mixes I hear done on Protools HD. Is there a compatibilty issue with the 24db headroom upgrade on the yamahe dm2000 going digital into the hedd-192. The Hedd-192 then goes SPDIF into a MOTU 2048III SPDIF in to record onto 2 tracks in Digital performer. should I come analog out of the DM2000. someone said that the 24 db headroom or 24db mod upgrade only matters when going analog. it might cause problems going digital. is this true. I also know people complained about the original O2rs sounding 2d. I find this with the DM-2000 as well unless something is not setup right. No matter how I mix the mixes always sound less stereo then othere mixes. Thanks

Alécio Costa - Brazil

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Mar 19, 2002
what about your pan trajectories?
how long have you been working with this board?
I have been usig my 02R v2 for over 6 years and I can swear to you that it is not 2dimension.
We do need to get accustomed to the machine. I have finnally masterd this board for what I need, I guess I finnally get to do use it fine and to sound fine ijn the last 3 years.
I played with an 02R 96k last week in New York and was in love with it. I guess the Dm2000 is even better.