Do any companies still make 2" Reel-to-Reel machines?


Dec 11, 2018
Orange Park, FL
I tried doing a search but nothing came up.
Does anyone even make 2" machines anymore? I remember when PT first came out, we called it "slow tools". One Local studio had a set up for 2-track (prior to that, they mixed to a VCR that had digital stereo audio tracks.) And they went up to the big leagues - first studio in town with a CD burner! Woohoo! I think the guy paid like $50K for it, and CD blanks were like $45 each. I remember 8 or 9 years later I bought a Yamaha 8X burner for $500. It burned a whole 12 CD's before it died. Piece of crap!

Anyway, I started thinking about it - does anyone actually make 2" Reel to Reel machines anymore?