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does anyone use this product?

Curve Dominant

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Apr 13, 2001
Fostex - didn't they make a 4-track cassette recorder in the early 80's? LOL!

Korg makes a killer sampler/sequencer called the Electribe•S, but it's not something to start a forum over. I'm screwing up moderating one forum as it is... :D :roll: :eek:

Maybe you should whack this sucker Chris...


Apparently so,
I just spent a good deal of time on another board reading about folks using the Fostex line of digital mixers. Everyone gave them glowing reviews, so much so that I actually ordered one of them. Then again, what do I know - I still haven't given up on my Core 2!!! :)


Does anyone use this product?
It seems like Fostex, Lexicon and Korg are very low on the totem pole for DAWss to buy.

Although this forum "DAWworld" is new I think one of the things it is telling us is, the public interst in these products and what DAWs are actually being bought.

DAWworld receives about 30,000 page views per month, you'd think one loyal Fostex or Korg user would have come by and said something about one of these work stations
We have two Fostex D108. They are nice replacements for ADATs - and that's about it. Running smoothly and not much to discuss about... :p


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