Don´t blame the ME... but Vapor Trails sucks


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Mar 20, 2001
Little Rock, AR
I havent listened to the cd, but if it as bad as everyone says then I think that article is one of hundreds that should be published everywhere. I agree that the louder is better idea is stupid. But then again, if you choose to sign with major labels, or if you choose to listen to acts signed with major labels, then you shouldnt be shocked when they ruin the music. Thats what they do. If you want to hear good music then start listening to non-mainstream acts. Self-produced CDs, home demos, live bootlegs..... that is where you will find honest emotion in music.

But I guess we are talking about why Rush did this.....well, I wouldn't think they are hurting for money, so it shouldn't be simple selling out to the label. I havent followed them so I dont know what label they have been on, or what label they are on now. And you would think that since they have been around for so long they would get the final aproval, at least before the label heard it.

Maybe they are all deaf!

Alécio Costa - Brazil

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Mar 19, 2002
I heard Geddy Lee mixed the album with his fav engineer and aduring mastering they had to come back to mix stage to redo stuff so as to be hotter than hell.

BTW.. I am eager to pick Rush Live in Brazil DVD.


Jun 10, 2002
I ran into that article a few months ago and sent the author an email thanking him for such a well written piece.
As a HUGE Rush fan since the late 70's, I cannot stress how disappointed I was in SOUND QUALITY of the Vaportrails release.
No matter what I play the CD on it sucks. I even went as far as to buy the LP when it was released (thinking that you can't screw up a record as bad as a CD as far as level goes - or the needle might just pop right out of the groove!). While the LP was much better, it was still clear the there were some serious problems in making this release.
When Rush was with Mercury EVERY release sounded fantastic (Thanks again Bob Ludwig). But since Atlantic picked up the band it has been a downward spiral ever since. Go through your collection to confirm this yourself. Even the Greatest Hits release of early this year sounds super (once again, a Mercury release to fullfill an old contract). But Vaportrails, poor poor Vaportrails... Don't blame Rush, blame the record company for not using Mr Ludwig and for not having sence. I just hope that someday they remaster and rerelease the damn thing


I think that fact that it's named "vaportrails" is it's true genius and definately makes up for this fact.