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Dec 25, 2000
Drummagog rules!

we should have an ftp site somehwere with drumagog ready drum samples made by users here!

I make bands that come in do all 24 hits per drum and so have quite a collection of them.
Anybody starts an FTP for it let me know and I will upload the ones I made :)


I usually prefer to make a sequence of a triggered kick and then use battery to test different sounds, I just feel theres more control this way. But resently I used some of the drumagog snare sets with all there slight variation samples and its quite possibly the best retriggerd natural sounding snare track I've ever done. I like to use Battery cause you can have as many different sounds as you like with as many velocity layers each as you could ever need, have them all set to the same midi note number to do some creative layering of sounds. Drumagog is cool, but a little tempermental on not well isolated snare tracks.

Just my 2 cents

PS of course I would be way into contributing and using a site like you have mentioned. What do you feel is lacking in current drum hit sound cd's?